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Debra Messing Gets Messy On The Set Of Will and Grace

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Even though she still leading a busy career balanced with a fulfilled home life, it looks like Debra Messing just can’t let go of her huge success on Will and Grace yet.  She just finished a ten-episode deal for the The Starter Wife, which has been cancelled, and is set to start a new sitcom for ABC called Wright Vs. Wrong.  But of course we will always remember her as Grace Adler to Eric McCormack’s Will Truman.

And I guess she feels the same way, because here she is, caught in a compromising position on the Will and Grace set, which is on display at the Emerson College Library.  And what is she doing?  She’s obviously doing a webcast or something from the set, showing some lucky guy her perky titties!  I mean after all the hardcore things Debra Messing has done, like dildo fucking for the cameras and even doing a porn film, it shouldn’t surprise us anymore.  But it’s still sort of sad when a gal visits the scene of her past glories.

That means somewhere out there there might be a pornsite featuring Debra Messing, probably under the name of ‘Grace’!  After all the dirty things she’s done, I bet you can ask for a really hardcore set from her, with all sorts of pussy penetration!  Unless she’s just doing a private show for someone she knows.  Well, while you’re looking for that site, why not click on this one, which has Debra in some really nasty pics and videos!