Debra Messing Nude

Do you consider Debra Messing a gal you’d love to hang out with, someone you can see as being your best friend?  Then you’ve come to the wrong site, because you’re probably gay.  Who wants to have this luscious redhead as a friend, except someone who’s obviously been watching “Will and Grace” a lot and identifies with the Will Truman character way too much.  Now if you’re a guy, you’ll still love watching this show, sure.  It’s a real funny show, right?  But when it comes to the Grace Adler character, there ought to be one thought in your head, and that’s a desire to see Debra Messing nude.

This redheaded hottie was born in Brooklyn in 1968, and was bitten by the acting bug in high school, where she starred in a number of school productions.  Lessons in acting, singing, and dance soon followed, and Debra even got a summa cum laude at the Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts for her college degree in theater arts.  A Graduate Acting Program at New York University was her next step, giving her a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts after three years.  So you see, she’s really a well-trained actress, instead of just someone who decided to move to LA and try and become a star.  But that’s what happened to her anyway.

She got some roles in “NYPD Blue” to start, then made her film debut in the Keanu Reeves starrer “A Walk In The Clouds” in 1995.  Soon she was the co-star in her first sitcom, “Ned and Stacy“, which lasted two seasons.  The following year, 1998, she was cast as the lead in another TV show, ABC’s sci-fi series “Prey”, but this didn’t last long either, and soon third time was the charm for Messing as she auditioned for and got the part of Grace Adler for a new sitcom called “Will and Grace”.  And then the rest is history.

She was nominated 6 times for a Golden Globe, 5 times for an Emmy (which she won once), and 6 times for a SAG Award for her performances on that show, and has since moved on to more movie roles ( in “The Mothman Prophecies”, “The Wedding Date” and “The Women” for example), and another well-received TV role, on the mini series “The Starter Wife”.  More nominations for that role have come her way, so now we’re waitng to see what comes next for this sizzling hot MILF.  If you can’t wait for that, why not check out Debra Messing Nude to see if there’s any of her past raunchy and naughty work that you’ve missed?  You know you’re going to enjoy seeing this sexy babe fulfill your fantasies over there, unless of course your fantasy is being her gay best friend…